Grasses for Grays Harbor Area

Penncross Creeping Bentgrass

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Creeping bentgrass is a cool-season specialty grass primarily used for golf course putting greens, lawn bowling greens, and lawn tennis facilities. The skill and expense needed to maintain this species usually eliminates it as a possible home lawn turf. It is adapted to cool, humid regions and prefers sunny areas but will tolerate some shade. It tolerates low temperatures but will discolor early in the fall.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Penncross Bentgrass Seed - 25 LB BAG. - Coated Seed. - Best Buy at Seedland!Kentucky bluegrass is a cool-season grass that grows best during the fall, winter, and spring months when temperatures are cool. Its growth slows during the warm summer months. Kentucky bluegrass prefers full sun, but will tolerate some shade. This species is used widely throughout the U.S. where it is well adapted, but it has a poor summer performance in California in areas with warm to hot temperatures. When stressed by temperatures, lack of water, or poor soils, Kentucky bluegrass can be susceptible to disease and weed invasion. For a more disease resistant turf that offers good color and year-round performance, Kentucky bluegrass is often mixed with perennial ryegrass. Usually 2 or more cultivars of each species are used and it is recommended that at least 15% of the mixture is perennial ryegrass.

Tall & Fine Fescue Grass

Fescue GrassTall fescue is a cool-season grass, well adapted to sunny or partially shady areas. When densely sown, a pure stand forms a moderate to coarse-textured lawn that is uniform in appearance with good weed and disease resistance. Tall fescue tolerates warm summer temperatures and stays green during cool, but not severe winter conditions. New varieties that are finer in texture and shorter in stature are known as turf-type tall fescues and dwarf turf-type tall fescues. Tall fescue is a good species to plant for general lawn use and is the most common lawn grass in California.

Creeping Red Fine Fescue

Boreal Creeping Red Fescue GrassRed fescue is a cool-season grass used in cool, shaded, mountain sites, such as camps, resorts, and cabins where low-input of mowing, fertilization, and irrigation is desired. It does not do well in hot climates, except in shady, dry situations. In areas where Kentucky bluegrass does well, red fescue forms an excellent companion grass to increase shade tolerance. Red fescue germinates and establishes slowly. It is moderately wear resistant.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is a very competitive cool-season grass, best adapted to coastal regions that have moderate temperatures throughout the year. It prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Perennial ryegrass has the highest wear-tolerance of any cool-season grass and can tolerate high traffic. It is often used around homes, schools, and parks. Because it germinates quickly, it is often used for overseeding winter-dormant bermudagrass lawns. Its rapid emergence helps to suppress weeds. For a more traffic and disease-resistant turf, it is often mixed with Kentucky bluegrass