• Why no discounts for monthly mowings?

    When a customer wants to scheduling only monthly mowing’s; their grass (as well as all the weeds) will have four weeks of growth. This could mean up to eight inches of grass that we will need to mow; often twice. Due to the growth of your lawn; it is like mowing for the first time each time that we mow.

    Because of this; we do not give discounts to our monthly only customers, excluding that of the seasons first mow, which can receive a discount with a coupon.

  • Do you mow when its raining?

    The short answer is … yes we do … we can and most certainly do mow when it has been or is currently raining (for our regularly scheduled customers); however, please keep in mind, that there is a limit to our abilities to do so. If it is pouring like cats and dogs; or if there is thunder, lightning, or there is a high wind advisory forecast for the day of your scheduled mowing; or if the ground has become overly saturated, so that our equipment may actually cause damage to your lawn; we will not mow; we will delay your mowing until it is possible to mow your lawn safely, and without the possibility of our heavy, commercial-grade, equipment being able to cause damage to your property.

    We will do everything in our timely ability to make up for any of your regularly scheduled missed mowing’s; as long as its outside of the four days prior of your next scheduled lawn mowing.

  • Do you bag when you mow?

    We do not normally bag grass when we mow due to the fact that it is better to mulch your grass and allow that fine mulch to provide its nutrients back to your wanting lawn. We will bag or sweep your yard on the seasons first mow, if it necessary; as well, we will bag or sweep your lawn when we are closer to the fall and leaves begin to fall.

    We want to make your lawn look as amazing as possible throughout the year; so bagging and sweeping your lawn is a service we will gladly provide if needed or desired*.

  • How many times do you mow per season?

    The average lawn mowing’s for all of Washington is around thirty-five per season. We normally mow around thirty times per season for weekly customers and fifteen times per season for biweekly customers, due to Grays Harbors especially wet weather conditions.

    Upon request; we can mow your yard out-of-season; for example, if you are hosting an event and would like for your yard to look especially nice.  These mowing’s are only upon request and only if weather conditions and our schedule allows for it (it is wise to try and schedule at least thirty days in advance of your off-season mowing).

    If you are an annual agreement customer; you may receive up to fifty mowing’s throughout the year as well as dethatching, aeration, fertilization, lawn sweepings, and debris removal.