Preparing Your Yard for Aeration

What do you need to do before we arrive and aerate your lawn?
  • Clear your lawn of all debris, toys, garden hoses, etc. If you have a swing set, secure the swings out of the way if you wish aeration under the swing set. This will help avoid damage to your property and to the aeration equipment.
  • Do you have a dog? Please use your “pooper scooper” the day before your scheduled service. If your dog will allow a stranger into their yard to do work, leave them out. If your dog has had problems with contractors in the past, we would recommend putting your dog in the house for the day.
  • Water a day or so before your lawn aeration is scheduled if it has been dry. A good soaking to your lawn will soften up the soil and allow the aerator to penetrate more fully. Do not over water and turn your lawn into mud. Our aerators weigh over 500lbs a piece we want them to pull plugs not rototill your lawn.
  • Mark any sprinkler heads if you have a sprinkler system or if your neighbor has sprinkler heads on your property line. It is very important that you use “marking flags” to mark the heads, the zone valve covers, drain covers and anything else that you don’t want the aerator to hit! “Marking flags” can be purchased at Ace Hardware, Home Depot or almost any hardware store .Mark any shallow cables or invisible fencing if they are not buried at least 6 inches deep.We will mark your Sprinkler heads for $10.00 extra.We must have access to your sprinkler control box so we can turn on your system.We are not responsible for damage to sprinkler heads, shallow cables, or invisible fencing which are not marked.
  • If you plan to be home on the day of service you can give any special instructions at that time. If you do not plan to be home at the time of service you can call us at (360) 209-4056 the day before.
  • Make sure a gate is unlocked and any mean dogs are put away.

Because each job takes a different amount of time to complete, it is impossible to give an accurate estimated time of arrival. We work sometimes until dark, so you can count on your service being performed on the day it is scheduled or we will give you a call. Please be aware that weather can play a part in delaying your appointment. we to work in light rain and snow but not in lighting ,heavy rain or heavy snow.