Tilling & Cultivating

Prepare your soil for planting with our professional tilling service. Our powerful tillers will provide you with a fine seedbed up to 7 in. deep in which to plant your lawn, flowers or vegetable garden. We will mix into the soil any compost, lime, fertilizer or other amendments that have or want spread over the area before tilling begins.

Area will be double tilled and will be ‘cross’ tilled if the size of the plot permits it. Rows will be plowed per the customers specifications.

(Up to 100 sq. ft.)
(Up to 200 sq. ft.)
(Up to 600 sq. ft.)
(Up to 1,500 sq. ft.)
(Up to 5,000 sq. ft.)
  $200.00 $400.00  $600.00  $800.00  $1,000.00

Flower Bed Maintenance

Is there a bigger ongoing lawn headache than flower bed maintenance? Just when one bed looks neat and tidy, up pop more “surprises.”

Clean, well-landscaped beds enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home, but only if you keep up on it. Maintaining flower beds and shrubs takes an ongoing commitment, as well as your precious time and energy – time and energy that you’d rather put toward just about anything else.


Install Landscape Curbing

Install Landscape Curbing

When you think about your landscaping, curbing probably isn't the first word that comes to mind. But one of the secrets to a good landscaping plan is the use of effective landscaping curbing. The benefits are that it keeps your landscaping or garden in line, and helps keep weeds out of the area. It also protects your plants from lawn mowers or weed eaters much more than the plastic edging that is commonly used. 


Greenhouses & Hydroponics

Picture this... you just had a bad day at the office, but it's finally over. The one hour commute home adds to your stress level. You arrive home to find the house a mess and the kids fighting.

Escape! Out back... it's a gloomy January evening... there it is... your oasis... a bright and cheerful hydroponic greenhouse!


Rainwater Haevesting

Any contractor can put a downspout into the top of a cistern and call it a rainwater collection system. We believe a rainwater collection system is defined by the details. We provide systems that are designed with function, maintenance, and aesthetics in mind. Rainwater collection systems should not be eyesores.